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ASHTIN LUXURY custom HOMES is a full-service design firm focused on bringing your vision to life. By listening to our clients needs and daily lifestyle practices, we help turn houses into homes. There are hundreds of decisions that have to be made.
In our outlined design meetings we will present materials for you to select, all while keeping you within your desired budget. The added bonus is that every design decision will be visible to you at all times and will be updated every step of the way.
Our extensive showroom provides endless possibilities which helps our clients understand their options and make confident decisions. When done incorrectly, building a luxury custom home can be filled with hundreds of decisions and lots of stress. With our tried and true process, you can build your dream home and enjoy the process.

Through our specialized process, we work closely with you to assist in the following:

  • Floor-plan Design
  • Exterior Selections
  • Window Selections
  • Door Selections
  • Hardware
  • Hardwood & Carpeting
  • Floor & Wall Tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Cabinetry Hardware
  • Countertops
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Millwork Design
  • Lighting & Placement
  • Colorizing

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Save Money

We take into account all the sizing and measurements for each room, ensuring proper execution the first time around. At our company we have limitless resources to get the design right while staying within your budget. Hiring us before you even get into your floor plan design will allow us to help lead your design from the earliest stages and and help you build a home you love while helping you stay within your budget. Take it from us, this will ease your mind when you know clearly what it is you can build and have the budget to get the finishing touches you want.

Save Time

After we get your home plans designed and built you a budget, we get to work by sourcing all the materials for your home to achieve the look and style you want. Our process saves you hours and hours of time, all while allowing you to still be active in making decisions through our design process. We can save you countless hours of your time by sourcing all of the finishes that make a home exquisite. At Ashley Nichol Design we spend a little more time in the beginning to get the design just right, so that the rest of the process comes together more seamlessly without .You can really see it all come together through the vision boards we create.

Peace of Mind

Do you want a peace of mind when dealing with large projects? Ditch the stress and headaches and work with us! Our experienced team will help to create the timeless space you’ve envisioned. Hiring us will allow you to sit back and truly enjoy the process while watching it all come together.

Professional Expertise

Our team of designers has a trained eye to see the whole picture. We make sure all of the selections mesh well with the other furnishings and finishes to create the ideal, cohesive look. Furniture layouts are put into CAD to ensure proper sizing and dimensions fit each room perfectly. Samples and vision boards are introduced to our clients to help them capture the vision of their design.

Adds Value To Your Property

If you ever decide to sell your home, staging and pictures will be a much easier process. With our professional touch, the aesthetics and flow of your home will be top notch and set itself apart from other homes.

Have Some Fun!

Our mission is to approach each project with a vision for designing spaces that are a true reflection of the families living in them. We ultimately wish to design a space that you and your family will absolutely love for years to come.

Important To Note

(Frequently asked questions):

When is the best time to hire a designer?

The sooner the better. It is helpful when we collaborate with your architect and builder as soon as possible to ensure that your home turns out spectacular and the process runs smoothly to get it there!  It can save you money, time and headache to hire the designer before you get too far and find yourself missing out on details you had hoped for or to keep you from designing something that might not fit the budget that you have planned for. Getting the entire team together before starting anything is ALWAYS the best way to go.  However, if you already have your plans done, do not be alarmed!  There is still many ways to be creative and make your home absolutely perfect.

What are your Design Fees?

Our fees are based on the total square footage of your home. It is a flat-rate fee that you can budget for along with your build. We are highly competitive in our costs and offer specification sheets and design slides that puts us ahead of our competitors. In the case you want to furnish and decorate your home we take a deposit fee that goes towards your purchases.  You are then responsible for paying for your furnishings and decor after selections are made and before we order anything.

Can you help me if I only need Furniture?

Absolutely! We love the magic of furniture and home decor, as it can transform and elevate the beauty of your home. Ashtin Homes interior design team is highly experienced in furnishing existing homes.  Let our design team help you maximize your home with the most up to date and stunning furniture and furnishings the market has to offer. Please see our "Furnish With Us' page for more details.

I already have a builder, can you still help?

Of course! We are happy to collaborate with other builders by offering our design services. However, we hope you will give Ashtin Homes Build Team the opportunity to meet with you, to see if there is a possibility that you could be happy using their services. In many cases, because Ashtin Homes Build Team takes only a limited number of builds each year, the Ashtin Homes Design team itself will be free to take on other projects since they have the ability to do more homes than the Build Team.

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an interior decorator?

There is one primary difference between an interior designer vs. interior decorator. It all comes down to expertise. A professional interior designer is educated in & understands interior architecture, and works closely with architects to design your interior space. Interior decorators, on the other hand, are not experts in design or educated in architecture. They aren’t part of the home design process and only come in after a home is complete. Interior decorators add furniture to a space to make it beautiful. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design. Be careful when hiring someone to help you with your home. Make sure they understand what a build entails and where mistakes might occur. An experienced Interior Designer will know exactly what to watch for and how to get the job done right.

Why it is a good idea to hire an Interior Designer?

This is a great question! The hours upon hours that self design requires, along with the mental and emotional stress of making those decisions can be difficult and costly. Mistakes are often made, the contractor and owner relationship will likely suffer, not to mention the amount of energy and personal resources you will eat up driving around looking for materials.  As a result of the design services you receive, the build and the execution of the design will go much easier and eliminate costly mistakes.

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