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ASHTIN HOMES is a luxury build and design firm specializing in homes that take a particular level of attention to detail and expertise to build. We have years of experience and a large subcontractor base making any detail possible. additionally, our vast buying power helps us get the best possible price when purchasing materials for your home.
We produce quality work and have excellent customer care that allows us to rise above the competition. Using a system called Buildertrend, we manage each build with precision and provide complete transparency. Our clients get daily progress updates of their home and are informed of upcoming milestones. Clients also have complete access to their design slides, spec sheets and any purchases made for their home through Buildertrend. Our systems ensure a build runs smoothly while allowing clients to feel confident that not a single detail will be missed.

Additionally, Ashtin Homes has a highly talented and skilled design team. Our designers are committed to helping execute the vision of our clients whether that is by helping clients select options in our extensive show room or frequent jobsite walks to ensure the design is implemented to a tee.

Ashtin Homes will continue to rise above the competition as we maintain our values, quality of work and commitment to taking good care of our customers. It is a unique experience that we offer as you Build with Us!
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Go to our contact page and fill out our questionaire with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. After we have received it, we will contact you to ask any further questions and to set up a 1 hour complimentary meeting.

Meet With Us

We work closely with our clients so it's important we get to know one another, understand what it is you envision for your home design, discuss budgets, and talk about a few processes to get you going. This meeting so you can understand the process and you're not frustratingly figuring things alone.

Get Lender Pre-Approval

We can guide you to getting pre-qualified for financing by connecting you with our preferred lenders. This can take some time so it's important to get started early and understand what it will require for you to get qualified for a loan on the build of your home.

Purchase Land

If you don't have land to build on, we can help by introducing you to our preferred realtor who can assist you in finding and purchasing a lot.  

Get Your Floor Plan

If you have't already selected an architectural designer, we can guide you on who to use that will best suite your design and budget. Our design team can also assist you to convey to your architectural designer what you want your home to look, feel and function like.  

Continue the Process

Design Your Home

We now move into selecting finishes and fixtures for your home with our sister company, Ashley Nichol Design.  This service is offered to our clients at a discounted rate per livable square foot.  Those who build with Ashtin Homes are required to use this service to help assist in the build process and make it go smoothly.  You receive an entire design workbook that gets the details absolutely perfect for your home. It is very detailed and instrumental in executing your luxury custom home with precision when there are so many design details.  Without it, it would be easy to make some serious mistakes in the process of your home build.

Bids & Budget Building

The working drawing plans along with the design slides created by Ashley Nichol Design, allow us to bid the entire home with our trades and also build an accurate budget before the home has even started construction!  Again, this is not a service offered by most builders as they typically have baseline budgets for finish work and hard selections in the home (tile, countertops, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, etc.).  We get this budget as close to accurate as possible and show you the break downs along with the selections you have made with our design team.

Full Contract

This is now the time that a full contract will be written for the total cost of your home.  This bid is based on the detailed budgets that we have built for you based on your working drawings and home selections.

Getting Your Home Approved To Build

Your HOA slides and full plans will be submitted along with payments and deposits for approvals and licenses to start.  In regards to your HOA, we will have full design slides ready for you to submit to help move the process along and help you get that approval.

Your Building Process Begins

Your home is ready to start!  Approval from the HOA has been granted and your permits have been pulled. Dirt will begin being moved, trades will be scheduled, and your home will quickly begin to go up.  We watch all the spec and design sheets carefully and meet you often on site to walk through your home during the various stages of the build.  We closely monitor the  processes of the build all the way through completion.

Final Walk Through

Time to walk through your brand new home and take account of any small details that need to be addressed before you close on your beautiful new ASHTIN LUXURY CUSTOM HOME!

Let's Get Started!

You never know where your journey may take you so connect with us to explore the possibilities.

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